Winx Club

                                              Winx Club Seasons

This is the page where we tell you about our seasons of Winx Club.

Have you seen the first season of the Winx Club? If you haven't, then I am going to tell you about it. It all starts in a little town named Gardenia where Bloom is from (but I'm sure you already know that). It was another ordinary day for Bloom with her rabbit Kiko until she finds a clearing in the woods and! Battling an ogre! Bloom is shocked and when I was in danger, she accidentally helped out me and discovers something really cool and surprising. She has magic! Soon after, I faint and Bloom knows she needs to help out me. Once at her house I wake up. Bloom introduces herself to me and finds out that my name is Stella. Bloom figuring out that she has magic, packs up and heads for a fairy school named Alfea with her new BFF me! Once at Alfea, Bloom and I meet Musa, Flora and Tecna and on our way we battle villains, have fun and work hard on this school year. We also have our hands full with The Trix!
The second season is more of a challenge! We are earning a new and cool kind of power called charmix! At the beginning of the school year, they meet me, Layla and I am in danger because of an evil villain who is planning to take control over the entire realm! His name is Lord Darkar and the Trix team up with him to find the four pieces of the codex! Now with me on their side, we are all in for a extreme sophomore year!

You will not want to miss the third year at Alfea! At Alfea, we have to earn our enchantix to become full fairies, but it is not as easy as it seems. Meanwhile, the trix get sent to the omega dimension where everyone and everything turns to ice. They find a guy name Valtor and team up with him to get all the power from every school, place and real in the magical dimension! We were not sure how to handle it but along the way, we get to know more about ourselves and our power and use it to defeat Valtor!

The fourth season is pretty much the best season! We are now teachers at Alfea and teach younger students on how to focus their power and the obstacles of it all. With new villains seeking the last fairy on Earth, there is a lot of trouble coming ahead of us! They come to Alfea and mistaken poor Bloom for the last fairy on Earth and then the wizard's have to go seek Earth for the fairy. Our headmistress tell us there is one more power that we have to earn to defeat the wizards who seek the last fairy on Earth. The new power is called the Believix. We set to Earth and find the last fairy on Earth. Her name is Roxy who doesn't know she has powers. We learn that in order to make us stronger, we have to make people believe in magic again, so we open up a pet store called Love & Pet. But, we have to defeat a witch who seeks revenge and team up with the wizard's. Watch it! It is so intense!

Our headmistress said we can't tell you about the fifth season yet because it is a surprise!!